Appearance and properties

Cristobalite, as often happens, owes its name to the area where it was first found. This happened in 1887 in Mexico in a place called Cerro San Cristobal. Another name for this mineral is lussatite or lussatine.

Being a polymorphic modification of quartz, cristobalite has the same chemical formula, but differs in the structure of the crystal lattice. The mineral is usually transparent, colorless or white, grayish or yellowish. Crystals have the shape of octahedra or cubes, often forming spherulites – spherical clusters of crystals. Groups of such spherulites sometimes resemble a bunch of grapes.

There are high-temperature beta-cristobalite and low-temperature alpha-cristobalite. This mineral is formed in volcanic rocks, as well as in igneous rocks exposed to high temperatures. It is also a product of opal crystallization.

Place of Birth

Ukraine (Transcarpathia);
This mineral was also found in meteorites and in rock samples brought back from the Moon. Scientists have invented several technologies for producing synthetic cristobalite.


Cristobalite in its pure form is not used in jewelry, but it is found in many precious stones, adding decorative value to them:

obsidian – it is the snowflakes of cristobalite that create the so-called snow color of this mineral;



silicon tree;


It is also used for the manufacture of some artificial stones, for example, in imitation lapis lazuli.

Synthetic stone is used in the production of fiber optics, for the production of quartz glass, and in the chemical industry for the production of paints and plastics.

Healing properties

It is believed that cristobalite crystals have analgesic properties, lower blood pressure, have a relaxing, calming effect, relieve swelling, and treat problems of the genitourinary system.

Magic properties

These minerals are good energy batteries. They absorb the energy of the surrounding world, cleanse them of negativity and return them to the owner. These stones are indispensable for meditation. Magic balls and other attributes have long been made from obsidian containing cristobalite.

A cristobalite talisman helps the owner develop and realize his creative abilities, achieve recognition in society, keeps him from rash actions, and helps in making an informed decision. The stone will also protect those who are facing a fateful event or an unsafe trip.

Of the zodiac signs, he is most suitable for Aries. The stone will give this energetic, impetuous and courageous sign a little sanity and prudence. Virgo, Pisces and Gemini are better off minimizing contact with this mineral.

Concretions are like an explosion
In a very slow motion movie –
A group of crystals, emerging,
They grow from a point, splitting.
Nature is a small point of that
It can be complex or simple,
But for the inquisitive mind
Volumes have been written about this.

In geodes the opposite is true:
From the walls of caverns and voids,
Covering their surface,
The Crystals are a friendly family,
merging at the base,
It grows only towards the center of the void.
Inside which it creates –
Similar to palace halls,
In which the walls are made of crystals.


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