Leucite is one of those minerals that are called rock-forming minerals. Like many other stones, leucite is of igneous (they also say volcanic) origin. Geologists classify it as a subclass of aluminosilicates. It has been known since ancient times, but received its modern name at the beginning of the 18th century. From Greek “leitsos” means light. This definition refers to those crystals that are pale white in color.


Leucite crystallizes at high temperatures, and its crystals take the shape of a cube. Sometimes they become tetragonal. Almost always inclusions are observed in the form of heterogeneous grains. The entire leucite stone is a molded ore: crystals, grains, inclusions, and by-product minerals. The mineral is rich in potassium. It was formed thousands of years ago as a result of lava solidification. Inexperienced geologists confuse leucite with garnet. Well, they are actually very similar.

Physical and chemical properties

The formula is not simple: K[AlSi2O6]. If we separate leucite from other growths and dirt, then we will see a transparent crystal with a pleasant glassy sheen. Hardness – 5.5 according to the Mohs table. Density – 2.5 g/cm3. As you can see, the hardness fully corresponds to the characteristics of jewelry, and the optical properties of leucite are excellent.

The constituent elements are found in leucite in the following proportions:
potassium oxide – 21%;
aluminum oxide – 23%;
silicon oxide – 56%.

It is very difficult to use leucite in the jewelry industry as the stone is very fragile. Conchoidal fracture. But it has been used as talismans, amulets, and amulets since ancient times.

Production, deposits

One of the earliest and most famous deposits is Italian; it is located near the Vesuvius volcano. It is known that many precious stones that are of igneous origin have been discovered in this place.

The largest gems are still found here. But this is not the only place in Europe where the mineral is mined. There are good mining sites in Germany; significant volumes of stone are produced here every year.

North America is also rich in these gems. In the USA and Canada there are several large deposits that have not been developed to this day. The stone is also found in Kazakhstan. It should be added that stone mined in Italy is highly valued among collectors. Ore that is not suitable for jewelry making is processed to produce high-quality potash fertilizers.

I was in the mountains…
Sun-pierced day
Covering the snowy peaks
Using only light and shadow,
Creates whimsical pictures!
Sometimes night, the crafty friend of people,
Having made his way to the head of the bed with insomnia,
In the midst of fantastic ideas,
Intertwines hate with love…
And, delighted by the strangeness of the game
Love – with dislike, light – with shadow
I believe in parallel worlds
I am amazed at their intertwining,
I believe in parallel worlds –
I snatched the pictures from them myself!
They are closed from us for the time being,
But bound together forever.

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