“So, twin flames are Souls created by the Creator at the same time, possessing the same, identical blueprint and being manifestations of the YIN and YANG aspect in incarnation. Twin Souls cannot separate for a moment according to the Universal Law of Balance of the Energies of Love and Magnetism. Yin cannot exist without Yang Therefore, whether your Twin is in embodiment or not, you will always feel and seek that special Soul created under the One Beam of Light.”

On Earth, we understand by this concept a special model of relationships: this is one of the brightest and most spiritual manifestations of love between a man and a woman. These man and woman are an exact energetic copy of each other. They carry masculine and feminine energies. This is a male and female manifestation of the same energy.


This is a flame that came from one flash, these are two souls that were created from one monad and were divided into two completely different personalities.

And now, the moment comes when these two personalities meet, and this meeting can be either physical or not physical at all. And it is in their lives that real miracles begin.

And although it is very difficult to immediately identify your Twin Flame in another person, nevertheless…

There are several signs that you have met your twin flame:

Relationships begin immediately and instantly. It’s like two lovers meeting after a long time apart. It feels like you’ve never lived before, until this moment.

A feeling of deep unity that you have never felt before

Experiences that would previously have been considered impossible

You both are inseparable

When you look eye to eye, time and space don’t matter

There are no barriers to communication between you

You can talk forever

Both have a strong desire to serve humanity

You want to serve each other without asking for anything in return.

The special sacredness of your relationship is much stronger than you have ever experienced before.

You solve karmic issues from past lives with total forgiveness and acceptance of unconditional love.

You can depend on each other for your feelings

Your relationship is amazingly spiritual, your feelings have no limits and you understand that you have been together for ages

You do not want to control this relationship, compete with each other and do not try to claim each other as your property

Картинки по запросу близнецовые пламена картинки

You both know you were eaten for some purpose

You know that you complete and complement each other, despite your similarities

Trust, patience and complete acceptance of your relationship happens automatically

Your sexual connection with each other is a sacred act through which you express your love for each other

When you look into each other’s eyes, you see yourself.

When you are together, you experience a feeling of incomparable completeness

And another very important sign – some things happen in such an amazing way that you can suspect yourself of quiet insanity.

Be blessed in Unconditional Love!


The Sacred Union reflects the sacred union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within Source. The goal of a person’s spiritual development and ascension is to allow oneself to enter into unions that reflect the “Divine Marriage” and allow one to remain individual in one’s life.
One must gradually learn to “tune in” to the correct frequency in order to conduct it as a frequency that a Person can now hold as a multidimensional personality. Know that everything is happening according to Divine Timing and that all is well. You don’t “fail” and there is nothing in you that needs to be purified.

Miracles that gradually appear in our consciousnesses, as if a person is a piece of Unity and Individuality at the same time. He can simultaneously hold two levels of consciousness and be himself and the “One” without conflicts in himself. All this is a united consciousness and light.

Partners need to be internally strong and balanced in order to achieve a personal balance of masculine and feminine in order to allow them to become a channel for a separate “charge” of Divine Masculine or Feminine energy within the union, which can be both spiritual and physical.

People are in awareness of themselves as an individual, but also as a “one” or “couple” that is a being greater and more powerful than both of them as individuals.

The Inner Masculine is the wisdom and guidance of the inner Divine Masculine or Twin Flame energy. Internal relations prepare the manifestation of external relations. More interaction with the inner masculine means a deeper awareness of the deep love and support of the Divine Masculine energy of expression in relation.

This is the main reason people unite in spiritual families, to realize the energy and strength that is needed to be in a relationship with a Twin Flame in unconditional love and strength. Soon this awareness will become commonplace, we already feel and understand the flow of energy.

Twin flames are, figuratively speaking, two halves of one soul that have incarnated on earth. Outwardly, they may not stand out in any way, differing in age, gender, skin color and religion. They are able to live in different parts of the planet and even at different times. Twin flames can even go their entire lives without ever meeting each other! They can create families with other people and be quite happy with them. However, if this meeting does occur, then the souls of these people begin to develop intensively.

It should be noted that different types of relationships can occur between twin flames. This could be a person who is several or quite a few years older than you. He may be in another city. Often, twin flames are already in a relationship with other people when they meet. And suddenly you meet a person who instantly fills all the space in your soul. It’s like the other half of your soul. You constantly think about each other. You share all thoughts. You understand perfectly. Believe unconditionally. You accept your partner absolutely. Without demanding anything in return for Love. It’s as if YOU and him are even breathing together. Dissolving in words, the sound of a voice. You feel incredibly good together.

(Excerpt from consultation with the Higher Self).
There are two signs of recognizing a Twin Soul:

1) You cannot refuse each other, no matter what happens, you are always nearby, like two magnets. Even if someone had a Lesson-test of falling in love, you believe in your Beloved One that He (She) will cope and return to the source of Twin Love;

2) You create together, you create what People need, what They ask for, what they expect from you, and you do it successfully, because Twin Flames always Create with Love!

This Harmony is unique and individual for everyone, it shines with its colors, smells fragrant with its fifth-dimensional aromas, sounds with its fine vibration melodies, etc. And its own Song-call to Love is created, to which the Twin Flame or the one with whom the contract of Love is concluded immediately responds!

I’ll follow you forward to the sunrise
I’ll follow you back into the sunset
Just repeat those words
We are together forever and ever.

How far does my joy live?
You are my pain, my love, my reward
You are my ???, my smoke, my homeland
I reject everyone, you are my meaning.

You are more precious than everyone, even this life
Those who don’t believe are superfluous in our lives
It’s not from your chest that your heart will be taken out at midnight
Don’t forget my breath, remember.

I’ll follow you forward to the sunrise
I’ll follow you back into the sunset
Just repeat those words
We are together forever and ever.
I’ll be waiting for you in the sky
Carry your love in my arms
And I will sing to you from above
We are together forever and ever.

How long to live from meeting to meeting
I would kiss you, hold you by the shoulders
I would hate to cry on your knees
Nearby fall asleep on swan feathers.

I will get to you my red angel
I’ll walk to you naked
I will hug you with tender arms


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