For several years now I have been studying history, but not the history that is studied at school, not the history of states in different centuries, but the history of different souls…

And since like is drawn to like, those souls who had many questions about the love of twin flames, and those who had psychic abilities (healing, clairsentience, claircognizance) were drawn to me – people with a wider range of perception and a slightly different view of reality .

Analyzing what they talked about, I am more and more convinced that all the vicissitudes of fate lead us to the fact that the material world is only a part of existence, and the most interesting and most important thing happens somewhere beyond our understanding.
But today I want to talk about the most important miracle that turned and continues to turn me towards knowing myself and developing my abilities – about the influence of the twin flame…

Meeting twin flames

Those who are at all familiar with the topic of twin flames know that, as a rule, everyone around them is against them until they are truly ready to serve the world together, work through all their karmic obligations, learn unconditional love and develop enough all your vibrations, in essence this meeting is intended for conscious service to the world.

They are separated by distance, financial and social issues, and yet there is a connection, very powerful, capable of destroying everything in its path.

1) Twin Flames – advanced Souls and Ascended Masters

Did you know that no matter what it looks like in earthly life with the outer “masks” of the Self, Twin Flames are advanced Souls who have chosen to separate in order to walk this path of Love in a sense of separation?

Many Geminis as Souls are Ascended Masters, even those who are still “Unawakened”. They may not know it now because they have not yet activated the codes hidden from their souls, but underneath the outer surface they are highly evolved beings of Light. Old Souls from Higher Dimensions.

Twin Flames are here with very specific plans as Souls – for healing, for enlightenment, for upliftment. Walk together the path from the origins of the Soul in Love, into fear and separation. To understand why so many people never experience Love, first of all for themselves.

To know these experiences and human patterns – and break them with the power of the power of Love between us. Because no matter what it looks like on the outside, Twin Flames share eternal Love as Souls. A connection that has the power to transform us and the world from within.

The Twin Flame path is love, mastery, evolution of consciousness and transformation – the alchemy of fear into Love, polarities into Unity. Only the most advanced Souls are able to decide and do this.

Divided into two parts, we knew that it would be a complex path of manifestation, functioning as the original whole, but with two aspects, each with its own free choice. And we knew that what would unite us and move us all the way forward was Love.

As a Twin Flame, you can never be ordinary, even if you try.

2) Twin Flames share an eternal, unbreakable connection from heart to heart

Twin Flames are always connected by a heart cord that allows them both to never lose touch with each other – to always be connected in Love. You chose this together as Souls.

Your Twin Souls had such Love that they wanted to never lose touch, to always be connected to each other.

This is what primarily allows Geminis to feel each other’s emotions, share memories and information. This thread between Twin Flames has been present by agreement of both Twins since the beginning of our existence. Coming to Earth, we all knew that we would be physically separated from each other, and the purpose of this thread of communication was to never lose each other completely.

That is why we are always connected, always in touch, and can always reach each other on spiritual planes.

The Twin Flame heart connection cannot be broken on the earthly plane as it was formed by our higher aspects of Self.

If you can shift your vibration far enough, you will be able to feel your Twin Soul’s love everywhere you go. However, when we are in a low vibration of fear, anger, jealousy or guilt, we cannot feel this Love – we will only hear and perceive in ourselves the fears of our Twins or their shame about themselves.

Love is a high vibrational energy, while anger, fear, jealousy and all negative emotions are low vibrational energies. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

This means that trying to feel Love when you are in a state of fear is like tuning into Metal FM and wanting to hear classical music.
It just doesn’t work – the signal doesn’t get through. We have the wrong channel and are listening on the wrong frequency. To feel and experience Love, we need to remove heavy energies and rise higher. To higher frequencies.

3) Twin Flame Sex Can Heal You and Uplift You Spiritually

Another profound truth about the Twin Flame connection, which manifests itself in the healing power of physical intimacy and sexual love.
Twin Flame sexual intimacy, on the soul planes, is an act of love and also an energetic process.

This is what happens when Geminis experience chakra culminations, where the two are reunited with their originality and filled with Light. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know it.


This is Kundalini. A powerful energetic event that has powerful effects on the body, mind and soul. This can enable hidden spiritual gifts and is often the main reason why Twin Flame telepathy is activated.

Twin Flame sex is a way of healing, uplifting and unity for a couple. When you make love together, you unite your energies on a physical and spiritual level – powerfully promoting the process of Union.

In sex, Twin Flames even receive new high vibrational downloads from Source, balance each other’s energies and break through blockages in the chakras.

4) You are already perfect for your Twin

Love is not about sacrificing yourself. You don’t have to give up your own unique personality to unite with a Gemini.

You do not have to become an embodiment of the concept of the “divine feminine” or “earthly goddess”, or an idealized king in order to unite in soul alchemy with your Twin Flame. On the contrary: you need to become as “truly you” as possible in this alchemy – this cannot be done without the “true you”.

So celebrate your individuality. You are who you truly are for a reason, for a reason – it is your secret ingredient, it is your part of the Union. The two of you as unique individuals sharing a core identity as Souls and merging into one.

We are the ideal Whole as we really are. This is a big lesson, the Twin Flame path to Union is not just about uniting and loving your “other half”, but about uniting with Self-Love – both the Darkness and the Light. Unity with your Self.

Spiritual information often highlights ideals close to romantic novels and old mythology, but Twin Flames are not a romantic concept declared by external forces. Our experience is intended to be a path to Love in the real world. Bringing the spiritual to the earthly. Bringing “heaven” to “earth”.

5) Your Twin Flames are not running from you, they are running from themselves

This is a very misunderstood subject in the Twin Flame journey. First of all, please know that it is not your fault if your Twin Flame runs away.

It has to do with energy. Fear. Twin Flames go into escape mode because they feel too insecure to be open. Remember that “a wounded man is a wounded man.”

If someone runs away because of you, remember that the past plays a role here. They may not even be upset about you. You only served as a trigger for old pains and fears that they carried…

This is the main reason why Twin Flames run away. Geminis run not from their other half, but from their own mirror image. If your Twin Flame goes on the run, he or she ends up running from themselves, not from you.

Your Gemini soul will always help you clear fears and triggers from your system. After all, you are not just a team, but one original whole.

6) As a Twin Flame, you can’t help without being authentic

Truth is the key word on this path. When you meet the Divine Half of your Soul, your systems are triggered to begin to cleanse everything that is not in alignment with Love, that is not aligned with the truth of your Soul.

This means that the Twin Flame path is the road that leads from the lies of human perception – the veil of illusion – into your true identity as a Soul.

Along this journey, Twin Flames are increasingly forced to remember who we are and why we are here.

The more you begin to ignore early Ego perceptions of life and society’s “rules” about who you should be, and instead live more in alignment with your authentic Self, the more in tune you become with the energy of the core frequency that you share with your Twin Flame. This means that you again become magnets to attract each other from the space of Unconditional Love.

Realizing and transferring your energies back into the Light of your Soul creates powerful momentum and allows you to move faster through the lessons and blocks in your path.

To distinguish the false from the genuine, turn to the heart and soul. What resonates passionately in your heart with feelings of bliss, love and happiness – things that you would do even if no one paid you to do it or knew what you were doing – these are your true gifts and your Soul’s plans.

Your natural talents and areas to which you are drawn.

What is false are external perceptions. What has been “pasted” onto you by others. Beliefs about what is appropriate behavior for women and men, or for your culture. Family perception that you are like them.

External things like whether you were an excellent student or failed in school, how much money you made, who you knew, or what mistakes you made… That’s not you. It’s perception and experience.

Who you truly are manifests as an emanation of Light from within. Go to your heart, listen to what lights fire and joy in you. You have already encountered this as a certain theme on your path – your Soul was calling you to notice it. Drop false limitations and embody your deepest bliss.

7) If your Twin Flame hurts you, it is a “Gift of Love” from the Soul

Because pain means we get a chance to overcome our fears. These Geminis wanted their lovers to be more open to the truth of Unconditional Love. To eliminate their fear, their uncertainty, their sadness.

Because many, although they think they are open, there are still barriers that are so deep and unconscious that they are not even aware of it. And to deal with this, Gemini creates painful situations to force these blocks to the surface. To help you free yourself. To be able to receive the gift of True Love. Even if it means causing pain in the short term.

This is the Gift of Love. They love so truly that they choose to go through pain to help clear and open the path towards Love.

Along this path, know that your Twin may be the one who triggers blocks, triggers inherited negative programming and old wounds, but he or she does it as a Gift of Love. Ultimately, any blow of fate helps you in the long run if you become able to go into it and deal with the negativity. Get rid of this forever.

Often Souls determine that the most effective way to promote unity within a Twin Flame pair is to expose the blocks between them, simply because this is the only way to fully open them to Love.


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