A small flower of great pride

Once upon a time in the land of fairy tales there was a little flower named Iris. She grew up in a distant corner of the garden, where large and beautiful flowers bloomed beside her.

Iris always dreamed of being as big and colorful as her neighbors. She always envied their bright petals and majestic stem. But the iris itself was a small and modest flower with its inconspicuous purple petals.

One day, when the sun was particularly hot, Iris decided to turn to the wise old viburnum for advice. She told Kalina about her feelings of inadequacy and her desire to be bigger and prouder.

Kalina smiled and said:
– Oh, little Iris, don’t be disappointed. Each flower has its own uniqueness and beauty. You may be small, but you have a big heart. Develop, learn and blossom at your own pace.

Iris smiled at the words she heard and decided to take Kalina’s advice to heart. She began to take care of herself, stretch to the sun, drink clean water and listen to the song of the wind. Every day she learned something new, observed the beauty of the world around her and cultivated her inner strength.

Time passed, and Iris grew up. Its petals became brighter, and the stem became strong and elastic. And although she remained a small flower, she felt big inside.

One day, when the garden was in full bloom, a wise gardener visited him. He looked at each flower, admiring their beauty. And when his eyes fell on Iris, he stopped.

– Oh, how beautiful you are, little Iris! You may be small, but your pride and strength are preserved in every petal of yours. You remind me that even the smallest things can make a big difference. – he said.

Iris blushed with joy when she heard those words. She blossomed even brighter, because now she was proud not only of her appearance, but also of her inner development.

Since then, Iris has become known throughout the garden as “The Little Flower of Great Pride.” Her story of how she grew, learned and blossomed became an inspiration to other flowers who also dreamed of pride and self-improvement.

Since then, Iris has always remembered that beauty and pride come from the inside, not just the outer shell. She continued to grow and flourish, inspiring others with her strength and confidence.

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