Theories. Polar Vortex. January 2024

This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on theories and the polar vortex.


All data is based on the US unless otherwise stated

Top TikTok theories

past month, US

  1. Shoe theory

  2. Red lamp theory

  3. Red nail theory

  4. Orange peel theory

  5. Pomegranate theory

Top trending relationship theories

past year, US

  1. Bird theory

  2. April theory

  3. March theory

  4. Orange peel theory

  5. Pickle theory

Polar Vortex

All data is based on the US unless otherwise stated

MAP: A group of states on the east coast are searching coastal flood warning over tornado and winter storm warning, while many of the southern states are searching tornado warning most over the past day

Top trending questions on polar vortexes

past week, US

  • How long does a polar vortex last?

  • What is the polar vortex doing right now?

  • When is the polar vortex?

  • When was the polar vortex in Michigan?

  • What does the polar vortex mean for winter?

Top trending “how to prepare…” for weather

past day, US

  1. How to prepare for tornado

  2. How to prepare for power outage

  3. How to prepare for a hurricane

  4. How to prepare for a tsunami

  5. How to prepare for freeze in Texas

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