The mineral pyrrhotite is quite widespread. The name came to us from the Greek language: “pirrotos” means fiery color. This name was given due to the fact that pyrrhotite and the stones of its group have a characteristic color from yellow-bronze to deep red. The mineral is polymorphic, that is, it does not have, in fact, a constant composition. It is classified as sulfides, the formula is not constant. More precisely, it is iron sulfide.

The stone has other very common names, we list them:

  • pyrrhotite;
  • magnetopyrite;
  • magnetic pyrite.

Composition and properties of pyrrhotite

The formula of the substance is: Fe(n)S(n+1). It clearly shows that pyrrhotite does not have a constant composition: iron and sulfur are combined in different proportions. The researchers note that compounds that have an inconsistent, variable composition are called berthollides. Chemists report that this is a class of non-stoichiometric substances.

Pyrrhotite occurs in continuous heterogeneous masses, the crystals most often being thin plates. It is quite rare to find prismatic or double pyramidal shapes. There is no doubt that the mineral has an excess of sulfur. This excess explains its magnetic properties. Moreover, the more sulfur, the more strongly the stone is magnetic. Of course, this effect is used in various ways in industry and technology.

Characteristics of pyrrhotite

You may notice that pyrrhotite is not afraid of sunlight, like many minerals, but of air. It oxidizes quickly and becomes dull as a result. Always opaque. It is noted that it has a metallic luster. Hardness: 4 on the Mohs scale. Density – 4.6 g/cm3.

As you can see, the parameters are quite high, but in fact, pyrrhotite has one drawback, which is why it is never used in jewelry and interior decoration: it is very fragile. There is no cleavage. But pyrrhotite conducts electricity well, which is why it is rarely used in electrical engineering.

Origin of pyrrhotite

Geologists pay attention to the fact that the origin of pyrrhotite is magmatic, hydrothermal. That is, the rock was formed under the influence of high temperatures and water vapor. It is interesting that in a number of cases the stone is placed in another category – sedimentary rocks, since, according to a number of characteristic features, such an origin occurs.

The material itself does not have much value. It is used as a raw material for the production of sulfur or iron. In some cases, amateurs confuse pyrrhotite nuggets with gold, as sometimes a golden reflection appears.

There are other similar minerals, here are some:

  • cubanite;
  • pentlandite;
  • chalcopyrite;
  • pyrite.

The magical properties of pyrrhotite

It turns out that pyrrhotite also has magical properties. In fact, the mineral is poorly studied, but many psychics and esotericists widely use the stone. It is believed that it changes the psychological state of a person. Two things are important here: where the stone (part of the body) is located and where the person is located. Depending on these two factors, the effect that will be produced can be predicted.

Fire and Ice“. Translation from Robert Frost

Some say: the world will die in fire,

Others talk about ice

I’ve lived a long time, and it seems to me

The fire will come soon.

But if someone told me
that death awaits us twice,
I wouldn’t be surprised. I found out,
that hatred is thicker than ice

And indifference is colder

eternal covers of ice.

And if there are not enough lights for death

Ice will do then…

They note that if you are in a bad mood, it is better not to wear the stone, as it will only worsen. If there is any joy, then the mineral will help prolong it as long as possible. If you are under the bright sun, you will be in a great mood.

The Avesta, a Zoroastrian collection of sacred texts, tells how one day the spirit of evil, the incarnation of the Devil, known as Angro Manyu, destroyed the stone Sky, which, like a skull, surrounded the world. And the sky became split. The fragments of the Primordial Sky turned into gems. Each gem retained the integrity of the universe, so they were worn as a reminder of the Primary Sky and integrity.


Fire Stones

Fire has long been considered the element that awakened all other elements to life. The color of fire is red, which is the color of blood, the source of life and energy. Fire people carry particularly strong energy, they are smart, active, and born leaders. They are ready to overcome any obstacle that comes their way, no matter how much effort they have to put into it.

Red stones of this element must be worn with special care, because they, like their owners, are charged to the limit with energy. Although they enhance performance and “awaken” almost all human abilities, they can cause discomfort. Excess Yang energy in them can cause headaches and nervous breakdowns.


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