This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on Davos and Sundance.

World Economic Forum

Top questions on Davos

Past day, US

  1. Where is Davos

  2. What is Davos

  3. When is Davos 2024

  4. What time is it in Davos, Switzerland now

  5. Where is Davos held

Top Trending Davos attendees

Past day, US

  1. Dianne von Furstenberg

  2. Sam Altman

  3. Jake Sullivan

  4. Brad Garlinghouse

  5. Julie Sweet

MAP: Top countries searching for World Economic Forum

Top questions on World Economic Forum

Past day, US

  1. What is WEF

  2. Where is Davos

  3. Why Davos for World Economic Forum

  4. When is the World Economic Forum 2024

  5. What is the WEF agenda

Top trending World Economic Forum speeches

Past day, global

  1. Li Qiang

  2. Jake Sullivan

  3. Volodymyr Zelenskyy

  4. Javier Milei

  5. Ursula von der Leyen

Sundance Film Festival

Top questions on Sundance Film Festival

Past week, US

  1. When is Sundance 2024?

  2. Where is the Sundance Film Festival?

  3. What is the Sundance Film Festival?

  4. What to wear to the Sundance Film Festival?

  5. What to see at Sundance 2024?

Top trending Sundance films

Past week, US

  1. Out of My Mind

  2. Love Machina

  3. And So It Begins

  4. As We Speak

  5. Little Death


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Davos • Sundance • January 2024

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