About the stone

Scolecite is a rare, decorative, and very beautiful mineral. Highly valued by collectors and ordinary mineral collectors. It is not widely used in industry. It can often be found in the form of a cabochon.

At the beginning of the 19th century it was described by Fuchs and Gehlen. The mineral gets its name from the Greek word “slid,” which means worm. The fact is that it wriggles like a worm if you bring a torch or blowtorch to it.

There are also alternative names:

  • needle stone;
  • ellagite.

The stone is formed by hydrothermal method. There are very few deposits around the world, but individual crystals are often found in cracks and crevices of igneous rocks. Usually located in the earth’s crust along with zeolites. Most often, scolecite has impurities that greatly affect the color:

  • sodium;
  • potassium;
  • iron.

Properties of scolecite

It is, in fact, calcium aluminosilicate. The formula is not simple: Ca[Al2Si3O10]*3H2O. Chemists say that this mineral does not have a constant composition.

The substances in the mineral are arranged in the following proportion:

  • silica – 46%;
  • alumina – 25%;
  • calcium oxides – 15%;
  • water – 12%.
    The gloss is silky, rarely translucent, and even more rarely transparent.

Light properties may vary, but clear crystals have a beautiful shine and are highly prized. Has piezoelectric properties. Dissolves in hydrochloric acid. Scolecite is resistant to other acids. Hardness: 5.5 on the Mohs scale. Density – 2.3 g/cm3. The disadvantage of the stone is that it is very fragile and very difficult to work with. It has radiant, needle-shaped crystals, sometimes very beautiful. In ultraviolet rays they give off a soft yellowish glow.

Magical properties of scolecite

As mentioned, scolecite belongs to the group of zeolites, due to which it has common chemical and physical properties. It is mined in the same deposits. It is noted that the magical properties partially coincide. First of all, such crystals bring love. Guys who use scolecite are starting to notice that girls are starting to pay attention to them, this is not without reason.

This is due to the magical effect of the stone. He brings comfort and tranquility to the family. Scolecite is most recommended for Cancers – the guardians of the hearth. We are talking about Cancer girls. It will help Pisces men find a common language with employees at work, give them the strength not to be late, and provide reports to their boss on time. In some cases, lithotherapists recommend using the mineral scolecite for water purification.

Stones have always aroused interest in a person, they have attracted and beckoned. They awakened thought and imagination. Poets dedicated poems to them, artists tried to comprehend them by depicting them on canvas, musicians tried to hear the music of the stones. The remarkable Armenian poet Amo Saghyan in his poems sang about the Stone, its living essence, its unity with the world and man:

A stone is a flock, and a stone is a herd.

Stone is the way out. The stone is an obstacle.

Stone is the flock,

Shepherd, shepherd.

The stone is food, and the stone is SPIRIT.

Stone is protection, and stone is light,

Stone – wisdom, experience, advice.

Stone is flame, stone is fire,

The stone is the rider, and the stone is the horse.

Stone is a stronghold, flight and eagle,

Stone – pillow, tablecloth and table.

Stone – earth, harrow and hoe,

A stone is a sacrament, a stone is a book.

Stone is a wound, stone is a balm,

Stone – TEMPLE…


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