This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on entertainment, lifestyle and beauty trends from January 2024.

Top Trends

  • Virginia was the top state searching “pier” in the past day after news broke of a car driving off of the Virginia Beach pier

  • Italian actress Sandra Milo was the top trending search in the past day worldwide, following her passing

  • Searches for “rain and snow mixed” rose +450% in the past day

  • lauren boebert polls” was a breakout search in the past day

  • What is a stinger in football” was the top trending “what” search in the past day

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Daily Quiz 

What was searched more so far in January

resolution or goal?

The questions
Trending questions in January 2024, US


All data based on January 2024, US

  • “Iowa caucus results” was the top trending News search in the past month

  • Car donation was the top trending “donation” search topic in the past month

  • “school closings near me” searches rose +2,000% across the US in the past month

GRAPH: Search interest in “why is it so cold” is currently at a record high in January 2024 in the US


All data based on January 2024, US

  • Search interest in “japan to vegas” reached a five-year high January 2024

  • The top trending search about Vanderpump Rules is “vanderpump tiger”

  • “How to watch Dolphins Chiefs” was the top trending “how to watch”

Trending TV shows

  1. Fool Me Once

  2. Loudermilk

  3. True Detective

  4. The Bear

  5. White Lotus

Trending songs

  1.  yes and?

  2. American Idiot

  3. Tha Crossroads

  4. Auld Lang Syne

  5. Lovin on Me


All data based on January 2024, US

  • shop personalized heart bracelets is the top trending shopping search

  • “how to make snow ice cream” is the top trending “how to make” search

  • super bowl logo conspiracy theory is the top trending theory search

Trending “trends”

  1. Mob wife trend

  2. I think I like this little life trend

  3. Nose cover trend

  4. Loud budgeting trend

  5. Grape trend

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: goal

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google


With Sabrina Elfarra

Lifestyle and beauty trends January 2024

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