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Daily Quiz 

Which state searched most for phishing in the past 30 days?

Maine or North Carolina?

Internet Safety and Cyber Security

  • GRAPH: In 2024, the world is searching for cybersecurity more than ever before

  • Singapore is searching for cybersecurity most in the past 12 months, followed by Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya

  • The NIST cybersecurity framework is the top-searched cybersecurity topic in Singapore

  • Within the U.S., the capital and surrounding areas are the epicenter of cybersecurity searches

Top cybersecurity searches

Washington DC, past 12 months

  1. national cybersecurity strategy

  2. cybersecurity jobs

  3. nist cybersecurity framework

  4. google cybersecurity certification

  5. cybersecurity news

Top AI cybersecurity searches

Washington DC, past 12 months

  1. ai cybersecurity companies

  2. ai cybersecurity solutions

  3. ai cybersecurity certification

  4. ai cybersecurity threats

  5. ai cybersecurity risks

GRAPH: Search interest for cybersecurity jobs hit an all-time high in 2024

GRAPH: Top cyber security searches worldwide, past 12 months

GRAPH: internet safety for kids is the top “…safety for kids” search over the past year in the U.S.


Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: Maine

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google


With Sabrina Elfarra and Daniel Doebrich

Internet Safety Day February 2024

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