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Daily Quiz 

Which coffee beverage was searched more globally in the past month?

Latte or cappuccino?


  • Coffee is the most searched drink of all time, worldwide, and US search interest reached an all time high in December 2023

  • Searches for “latte perfume” rose +2,500% over the past year in the US, with New Jersey searching it the most

  • Latte art reached an all time high in January 2024 in the US, and “cinnamon pen”, a latte art pen, is a breakout search over the past week

  • “bacon flavored coffee” is the top trending “…flavored coffee” and “coffee flavored cereal” is the top trending “coffee flavored…” over the past week, US

  • iced coffee tasting” is the top trending “tasting” search over the past month in the US; three of the top five metro areas searching it are in Ohio

MAP: The Pacific Northwest and Colorado are searching cold brew over iced coffee in the past year

Top trending latte art

past week, US

  1. Cat

  2. Unicorn

  3. Fern

  4. Cherry blossom

  5. Dragon

Top trending cafe lattes

past month, US

  1. Korean hazelnut latte

  2. Charcoal latte

  3. Miel latte

  4. Dumpling latte

  5. Mazapan latte

Top trending “coffee with…” ingredients

past month, US

  1. Coffee with olive oil

  2. Coffee with steamed milk

  3. Coffee with protein shake

  4. Coffee with cocoa powder

  5. Coffee with evaporated milk


  • US Search interest in tea has reached an all time high in twice in the past three months

  • Earl Grey tea hit an all-time high in the US in January of 2024, and Wyoming is the only state searching it over black tea in the past month

  • tea martini” is the top trending tea drink, and spiked +450% over the past week in the US

  • “heart shaped tea bags” and “ramen tea bag” are breakout searches over the past month in the US

  • “greek mountain tea benefits” and “palo azul tea benefits” are the top trending “…tea benefits” searches over the past month, US

MAP: East and west coast US states are searching Thai tea over Sweet tea in the past year

Top trending tea lattes

past month, US

  1. Vanilla matcha latte

  2. Earl Grey latte

  3. Matcha tea latte recipe

  4. London fog tea latte

  5. Dirty matcha latte

MAP: Chai vs. matcha searches in the past 30 days

Top trending “is tea good for…”

past year, US

  1. Is tea good for headaches?

  2. Is tea good for working out?

  3. Is tea good for diverticulitis?

  4. Is tea good for strep?

  5. Is tea good for hangovers?

Top trending “tea bags for…”

past year, US

  1. Tea bags for cold water

  2. Tea bags for self tanning

  3. Tea bags for skin care

  4. Tea bags for pink eyes

  5. Tea bags for under eye bags

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: Latte

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google


With Katie Seaton and Sabrina Elfarra

Coffee • Tea • February 2024

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