Appearance and properties

The name of this stone brings back memories of Tolkien’s Silmarils. However, in reality everything is more prosaic. Sillimanite was named after Benjamin Silliman, a prominent American scientist of the 19th century. Another name – fibrolite (translated as “fibrous stone”) – it received because it is often found in the form of a dense bundle of fiber crystals.

Sillimanite stone is an aluminum silicate. It occurs in the form of columnar crystals of round or prismatic shape or in the form of dense fibrous aggregates. Often forms thin hair-like inclusions in the rock.

The color of sillimanite varies from grayish white to blue, green or purple, with black or colorless specimens rarely found. Crystals can be either opaque or transparent. Sometimes there is a “cat’s eye” effect.

Sillimanite has two polymorphic modifications (minerals of the same composition, but different in crystal structure): kyanite (kyanite) and andalusite.








Place of Birth

Transparent sillimanites of gem quality come from Myanmar (the modern name of Burma), Sri Lanka. Beautiful examples of cat’s eye stones are found in India. The main deposits of fibrous stones of industrial importance are located in the USA, Germany, and Austria.



Sillimanite, as well as its polymorphs kyanite and andalusite, is widely used for the manufacture of high-quality fire-resistant and acid-resistant materials. To obtain optimal results, a mixture of these minerals is used. For example, disthene-sillimanite is a powdery concentrate for the industrial production of refractories.

Such materials are used:

  • in the aviation industry;
  • in non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy;
  • in the automotive industry;
  • for the production of ceramics and glass.
    Large transparent stones are sometimes cut and used in jewelry. Fibrous crystals with a pronounced “cat’s eye” effect are cut into cabochons and are also used in jewelry or decoration.

Healing properties

The healing properties of sillimanite have been little studied. Its use in lithotherapy is dictated by the color of the crystals:

  • green stones help with eye diseases, hypertension;
  • blue ones heal skin diseases and have an antiseptic effect;
  • colorless treat diseases of the genitourinary system.

Magic properties

Esotericists do not give a clear description of the magical properties of sillimanite. However, there are many beliefs about the miraculous power of amulets made from this stone. In some countries, it is a talisman for travelers, helping to avoid accidents, disasters and crashes. Talismans made of sillimanite with the “cat’s eye” effect are traditionally considered protectors from the evil eye, damage, and evil spells. Transparent stones set in silver can prolong youth and preserve vitality.

Stone – TEMPLE…

It can be completely different. The stone is a rare jewel, the likes of which are not found anywhere in the world. And for him, external shine and rich frames do not matter. The stone has enough light and genuine beauty within it to be a priceless treasure in any environment.

Joint projects of the club “Art of the Word” and the NGO “Music of the Earth” combine the energies of stones and minerals with the creative energy of the individual. This unity allows you to more deeply comprehend the essence of a particular stone with the help of imaginative perception, intuition and creative thinking. And through knowledge of stone, we come to new facets of self-knowledge. With the help of these energies, a person’s creative potential is revealed, and he himself creates his life, his space and his reality. Stones open up new facets of personality and creative potential in a person by studying minerals and acting skills, creating their creative energies and directing them into the Universe, perceiving and comprehending the energies of stones and minerals. Stones are helpers. They reveal new facets of Existence and human beings on Earth.




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