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This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on stress and cortisol as well as attention span.
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Daily Quiz

Which is more searched in the US over the past month?

attention span or memory span?

Stress & Cortisol

GRAPH: Cortisol is currently being searched more than ever in the US

Top “can high cortisol cause…”

past year, US

  1. Can high cortisol cause weight gain?

  2. Can high cortisol cause hair loss?

  3. Can high cortisol cause anxiety?

  4. Can high cortisol cause headaches?

  5. Can high cortisol cause dizziness?

Top trending symptoms of high cortisol levels

past year, US

  1. Cortisol belly

  2. Moon face

  3. Weight gain

  4. Buffalo hump

  5. Hair loss

Top trending “…for stress”

past year, US

  1. Breathing exercises for stress

  2. Vitamins for stress

  3. Mindfulness techniques for stress

  4. 10 minute meditation for stress

  5. Best supplements for stress

Attention Span

  • how to focus” is currently being searched more than ever before in the US

  • popcorn brain” more than doubled over the past week in the US

  • Screen time is the top trending topic searched with attention span over the past month in the US

  • US search interest in “how to 2x speed” reached a 15 year high in January

  • under…minutes” is currently at an all time high in the US and “best movies under 90 minutes” is the top “under…minutes” search over the past month

Top searched “do/does…attention span”

past year, US

  1. Do video games affect attention span?

  2. Does meditation help with attention span?

  3. Does TikTok lower attention span?

  4. Does reading increase attention span?

  5. Does social media affect attention span?

Top trending “attention span of…”

past year, US

  1. Attention span of a person

  2. Attention span of 18 month old

  3. Attention span of a goldfish vs human

  4. Attention span of a 4 year old

  5. Attention span of kindergarten students

Top trending “how to focus on…” task searches

past year, US

  1. How to focus on studies without getting distracted by phone

  2. How to focus on daily tasks

  3. How to focus on writing with ADHD

  4. How to focus on working out

  5. How to focus on reading with noise

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Jenny Lee

Lead Google Trends Analyst

with Katie Seaton and Margaret Lucas

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