This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on making friends and loneliness.
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Daily Quiz 

Which was searched more in the past year?

Friendship bracelets or friendship quotes?

Making Friends

All time highs

MAP: “friends at work” vs. “friends in college” searches, past five years

Top searched hobby “meetups near me”

past month, US

  1. data analytics meetups near me

  2. board game meetups near me

  3. cybersecurity meetups near me

  4. coding meetups near me

  5. car meetups near me

Top searched “how to make friends on …”

past month, US

  1. how to make friends on social media

  2. how to make friends on minecraft

  3. how to make friends on discord

  4. how to make friends on roblox

  5. how to make friends on pokemon go


Top searched “how to cope with…”

past year, US

  1. How to cope with anxiety

  2. How to cope with depression

  3. How to cope with stress

  4. How to cope with loneliness

  5. How to cope with grief

Top searched loneliness questions

past year, US

  1. How to deal with loneliness

  2. Why do I feel lonely

  3. Is my cat lonely

  4. What does loneliness feel like

  5. Why do I feel lonely in my relationship

MAP: searches for “how to be happy” vs. “how to be alone” from 2004 to present and in the past year

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: friendship bracelets

Jenny Lee

Lead Google Trends Analyst

with Sabrina Elfarra

Making Friends • Loneliness

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