This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on Ramadan.
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Daily Quiz

Which Ramadan greeting is searched more worldwide?

Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem?

Ramadan Trends

MAP: Yemen is the top country searching Ramadan in the past day

Top searched recipes for Ramadan

Past week, US

  1. Pita recipe

  2. Overnight oats

  3. Lentil soup

  4. Halva

  5. Haleem

Top how to’s on Ramadan

Past week, US

  1. How to say Happy Ramadan

  2. How to celebrate Ramadan

  3. How to respond to Ramadan Mubarak

  4. How to participate in Ramadan

  5. How to prepare for Ramadan

Top hydration searches on Ramadan

Past week, US

  1. How to not be thirsty during Ramadan

  2. Best way to deal with thirst during Ramadan

  3. What to eat to not be thirsty for Ramadan

  4. How to keep water in your system when fasting

  5. Should I drink coffee before starting my fast


Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: Ramadan Mubarak

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google


with Sabrina Elfarra and Katie Seaton

Ramadan Mubarak March 2024

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