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Daily Quiz 

Which NWSL Challenge Cup team is more searched in the US over the past week:

NJ/NY Gotham FC or San Diego Wave FC?

National Women’s Soccer League

all insights are for the US unless otherwise stated
  • Search interest in NWSL Playoffs has increased year over year for the past 3 years, reaching an all time high in 2023

  • San Diego, CA and Portland, OR are the top metro areas searching the National Women’s Soccer League over the past week

  • nwsl countdown” is a breakout search over the past week

  • melanie barcenas” is the top trending NWSL player and “kennedy fuller” is the top trending rookie over the past week

  • “racing louisville vs orlando pride” and “gotham vs san diego wave“ are the top trending NWSL matches searched in the past week

  • Bay FC is the top trending NWSL team season tickets search over the past month

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Top trending NWSL player jerseys

past week, US

  1. Jaedyn Shaw

  2. Alyssa Naeher

  3. Sophia Smith

  4. Rose Lavelle

  5. Trinity Rodman

Top NWSL “kits”

past week, US

  1. Gotham FC

  2. Utah Royals

  3. Washington Spirit

  4. Bay FC

  5. Angel City FC

Top trending questions on the NWSL

past week, US

  1. What are NWSL players?

  2. How many teams in the NWSL?

  3. What does NWSL mean in EA FC?

  4. How to stream NWSL games?

  5. Is NWSL more popular than MLC?

Most searched NWSL players

past week, US

  1. Alex Morgan

  2. Alyssa Naeher

  3. Trinity Rodman

  4. Sophia Smith

  5. Jaedyn Shaw

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined


Annanya Raghavan

Sports Trends Fanalyst

with Katie Seaton

National Women’s Soccer League

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