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Daily Quiz 

Which was searched more in the past year?

Love is Blind marriage or Bachelor marriage?

Marriage and Divorce Trends

  • Divorce lawyer” searches were at their highest summer 2022 in the US and have since dropped

  •  In the past five years, military divorce searches were at their lowest in December 2020 and December 2023

  • Searches for “how to get a divorce” were at their highest in July 2012

  • Search interest in “couples counseling” reached an all-time high in October 2021

MAP: 2011 vs. past year – more people were searching for divorce lawyer than prenuptial agreement in 2011, whereas in the past 12 months, prenup searches increased across the US


Past 12 months

Top “How To File For Divorce in …” Searches

Past month, US

  1. How to file for divorce in Florida

  2. How to file for divorce in Michigan

  3. How to file for divorce in Indiana

  4. How to file for divorce in California by yourself

  5. How to file for divorce in NJ

Top Prenuptial Agreement Questions

Past month, US

  1. What is a prenup

  2. What does a prenup do

  3. How to get a prenup

  4. How much does a prenup cost

  5. Can you get a prenup after marriage

GRAPH: Between March 2020 and November 2020, search interest in divorce lawyer was greater than that of wedding planner for the first time in Google Trends history, US

Top Marriage Questions

Past month, US

  1. How to get married

  2. How to change your name after marriage

  3. Is same sex marriage legal in all states

  4. Where to get marriage license

  5. How much does it cost to get married at the courthouse

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: Love is Blind marriage

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google


With Sabrina Elfarra

Marriage and Divorce Trends 2024

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