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Daily Quiz 

Which was more searched in March in the US?

womens bracket or mens bracket?

The questions


All data based on March 2024, US

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All data based on March 2024, US

MAP: Both The Bachelor and Love Is Blind had season finales in March, but only a few midwestern states and Utah searched The Bachelor more

Trending TV shows

  1. Quiet On Set

  2. The Program

  3. The Gentlemen

  4. Apples Never Fall

  5. Girls5eva

Trending songs

  1. Days of Girlhood by Dylan Mulvaney

  2. Too Sweet by Hozier

  3. The Boy Is Mine by Ariana Grande

  4. Like That by Future

  5. Eternal Sunshine by Ariana Grande


All data based on March 2024, US

Trending “trends”

  1. Easter prom dress trend

  2. Butter nails trend

  3. Micro shorts trend

  4. Paint your spouse trend

  5. Oatzempic trend


Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google


with Katie Seaton

ICYMI: Published March 3, 2024

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