General characterization

Tridymite is a rare mineral that forms clusters of three crystals. Hence its name: “tridimos” means “triple” in Greek. The first description of the gem was made by geologist Gerhard von Rath.


In its chemical composition tridymite is identical to quartz – SiO2. That is why this gemstone under the influence of high temperatures (about 870 ° C) is transformed into quartz. Subsequent increase in temperature leads to the transformation of the mineral into coesite. Sometimes there are impurities of iron or aluminum in the composition of tridymite. However, their percentage is very small and does not affect the color of the stone.

The stone is characterized by a white color, sometimes it is colorless. Its crystals are transparent or translucent. However, crystals with high purity are almost never found in nature. Most of them have various defects and microcracks.

Main physical properties:

hardness – 6.5-7
density – 2.27 g/cm3
luster – glassy
transparency – transparent, translucent
cleavage – absent
singony – rhombic


The origin of the stone is magmatic. Its crystals have the shape of hexagonal plates. The aggregate of these plates forms fan-shaped, kidney-shaped or scaly aggregates.

The mineral is commercially mined in the San Cristobal deposit in Mexico and Veseh in Slovakia. Small crystals are occasionally found in the USA (Utah), Japan (Ishigayama), and Germany. Large amounts of tridymite are also found in meteorites.


Despite its external attractiveness, the gem is practically not used in jewelry. The small size and hexagonal shape of the crystals make it difficult for jewelry processing. However, it is often possible to find jewelry with various silicon minerals that contain tridymite inclusions. Tridymite is especially common in opal, agate, and chalcedony.

Magical properties

Tridymite protects family relationships and helps to find your other half. It enhances the feeling of love and helps to avoid quarrels in personal relationships. Also this stone is an amulet from various scammers and financial losses.

Meaning in astrology

This stone harmonizes with the entire zodiacal circle. Tridymite can be used without restrictions. However, astrologers believe that the strongest impact it has on Aries and Gemini.

Medicinal properties

Tridymite is attributed the ability to cure infertility and impotence. It normalizes the hormonal background, and therefore promotes pregnancy. Lithotherapists also recommend wearing it to those who want to lose weight.

The merging of energies gives sometimes surprising bursts and discoveries. Interacting with stones, we discover new directions in our creativity, which in turn give a new round of inspiration.

Covered by the veil of the transparent sky,

A mystery is born in the interstellar distance.

In agate lace, in the shape of light,

In the azure glow, in complete silence.

In deep prophecies, in the mysteries of birth,

In karmic connections and starry worlds,

Earth’s creature appears to the world,

Whose image is manifested in the crystal rays….

LOVE fills worlds and spaces.

The source is GOD, and the particles of love

Are planted in us to be born again,

In that frosted glow, in the light of dawn….

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