Mercury Retrograde • Astrology April 2024

This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on mercury retrograde and astrology.
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Daily Quiz 

What was searched most in the past month?

Sun sign or rising sign?

Mercury Retrograde

  • Mercury retrograde end” was searched 10x more than “mercury retrograde start” in the past week

  • Search interest in “solar eclipse mercury retrograde” spiked +350% in the past week

  • New York is the top state searching Mercury retrograde in the past week with spirituality as the top trending related topic

  • “when is mercury retrograde over” hit an all-time high in October 2021

Most searched “should i … during mercury retrograde”

past week, US

  1. Buy a car

  2. Move

  3. Make decisions

  4. Cut my hair

  5. Start a new job

Most searched “why … during mercury retrograde”

past week, US

  1. Do exes come back

  2. Shouldn’t you sign contracts

  3. Do i feel weird

  4. Am i so tired

  5. Do I feel better

Most searched “does mercury in retrograde …”

past week, US

  1. Affect technology?

  2. Affect sleep?

  3. Really affect us?

  4. Make you tired?

  5. Affect relationships?

MAP: Aries was the most-searched astrological sign by state in relation to Mercury Retrograde. Excluding Aries, Virgo took the lead


  • Search interest in astrology is at its highest in the past 12 months as people looked into eclipse-related searches

  • what to do during solar eclipse astrology” spiked +650% in the past week as well as “solar eclipse energy astrology” which spiked +300%

  • We are currently in Aries season, so it’s no surprise that Aries is the most searched astrological sign this week. Taurus season is quick approaching, and that sign is ranked second in search this week

  • Vermont is the top state searching for astrology and for the sign Aries in the past week

Top searched astrology “how to’s”

past week, US

  1. How to read astrology chart

  2. How to become an astrologer

  3. How to learn astrology

  4. How to find your rising sign

  5. How to read vedic astrology chart

Top searched “Year of the…”

since 2004, US

  1. Year of the dragon

  2. Year of the rat

  3. Year of the rabbit

  4. Year of the dog

  5. Year of the tiger

Top searched “who is … compatible with”

since 2004, US

  1. Who is aquarius compatible with

  2. Who is gemini compatible with

  3. Who is aries compatible with

  4. Who is taurus compatible with

  5. Who is virgo compatible with

MAP: Search interest in Vedic astrology vs. Chinese astrology in the past year


Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: rising sign

Jenny Lee

Lead Google Trends Analyst

With Sabrina Elfarra

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