WNBA Draft 🏀 Published April 16, 2024

This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on live trends from the 2024 WNBA Draft.
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Daily Quiz 

Who was searched more in the US over the past 90 days?

Tiger Woods or Caitlin Clark?

WNBA Draft

all data is from during the duration of the WNBA Draft and US-based unless otherwise noted

CHART: Top searched teams related to the WNBA Draft

MAP: WNBA Team “merch” searches by state

Caitlin Clark was the top searched draftee

  1. Caitlin Clark

  2. Angel Reese

  3. Cameron Brink

  4. Kamilla Cardoso

  5. Nika Mühl

“caitlin clark draft outfit” was the top searched draft outfit

  1. Caitlin Clark draft outfit

  2. Angel Reese draft outfit

  3. Paige Bueckers wnba draft outfit

  4. Cameron Brink draft outfit

  5. Kamilla Cardoso draft outfit

“how tall is holly rowe” was the top trending WNBA-related question

  1. How tall is Holly Rowe?

  2. Who was the number one pick in the WNBA Draft?

  3. What pick was Angel Reese?

  4. Is Paige Bueckers in the WNBA Draft?

  5. Where is Stanford University?

The top 5 (and 18 of the top 20) – cities searching for the WNBA Draft were from Iowa

  1. Amana, IA

  2. Iowa City, IA

  3. Coralville, IA

  4. Ely, IA

  5. Marion, IA

“caitlin clark indiana fever jersey” was the top searched rookie jersey

  1. Caitlin Clark Indiana Fever jersey

  2. Angel Reese jersey

  3. Cameron Brink jersey

  4. Nika Muhl jersey

  5. Kamilla Cardoso jersey

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% of both topics search interest combined

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