Gardening🌷 Published April 23, 2024

This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on gardening.
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Daily Quiz 

Which was searched more in the US in the past month?

Lights for plants or coffee for plants?


  • Search interest in monstera plant spiked over 1,000% in the past five years in the US

  • “plant identifier app” rose +650% in the past five years in the US

  • Search interest in “banana peel water for plants” doubled in the past year in the US

  • planting zones by zip code” searches are at a five year high in the US as well as “native plants by zip code

  • Oregon is the top state searching gardening in the past month, followed by Alaska

  • Backyard design searches reached an all-time high worldwide this April.

Top trending gardening searches

past month, US

  1. sustainable gardening techniques

  2. gardening activities for preschoolers

  3. gardening clothes for women

  4. gardening straw

  5. sleeves for gardening

Top “How to plant…”

past month, US

  1. Seeds

  2. Potatoes

  3. Bulbs

  4. Grass

  5. Trees

  6. Flowers

Top trending gardening tools

past month, US

  1. garden hoe

  2. lawn mower

  3. weed wacker

  4. Rake

  5. garden spade

Top searched garden ideas

past month, US

  1. fairy garden ideas

  2. rock garden ideas

  3. herb garden ideas

  4. small garden ideas

  5. flower garden ideas

MAP: pothos plant, pineapple plant, lavender plant, agave plant, aloe vera plant searches in the past year


MAP: gardening vs. woodworking searches in the past year

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: coffee for plants

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google


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