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Beulah Louise Henry was born on February 11, 1887 in North Carolina (USA). She was the granddaughter of former North Carolina Governor W. Holden and a direct descendant of Patrick Henry, a famous American politician. While still in college (1909-1912), the girl presented her first discoveries. In the 1930s, she received the nickname “Lady Edison” for her numerous technical discoveries. Although she received about 49 patents during her life, her total number of inventions was closer to 110. Louise received her first patent for a designed ice cream freezer at age 25. She led developments in a variety of areas, improving printing and sewing machines, inventing automatic umbrellas and freezers, creating mechanical dolls and other children’s games. Her authorship includes: a can opener, a valve for inflatable products; washcloth filled with soap; a doll with eyes that could change color, as well as toys that could open and close their eyes. Another of the inventions of the American inventor Beulah Louise Henry is a typewriter that makes up to 4 “original” copies of text when printed without using carbon paper. Arriving in New York in 1924, Henry founded two companies and also worked for many firms as a consultant that bought her inventions. She lived in a New York hotel and was never married. Beulah Louise Henry died at the age of 86 in 1973.

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Bewley Louise Henry’s contribution to the development of global industry

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Beulah Louise Henry was a prolific American inventor with a wide range of contributions to various industries. Her nickname, “Lady Edison,” reflects her status as a female inventor with numerous technical discoveries, similar to Thomas Edison, a famous American inventor.

Beulah Louise Henry’s inventions spanned diverse fields, including improvements to printing and sewing machines, the creation of automatic umbrellas and freezers, mechanical dolls, and various children’s games. Her patents covered a wide array of products, such as a can opener, a valve for inflatable products, a washcloth filled with soap, a doll with changing eye colors, and toys with movable eyes. Notably, she designed a typewriter that could produce up to four “original” copies of text without using carbon paper.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in the founding of two companies and her consultancy work for other firms that purchased her inventions. It’s remarkable that she received about 49 patents during her life, with the total number of inventions closer to 110.

Beulah Louise Henry’s life and work highlight the contributions of women in the field of innovation and technology, particularly during a time when female inventors faced additional challenges in gaining recognition for their accomplishments. Her legacy as an inventor and entrepreneur remains a testament to her creativity and determination.


Beulah Louise Henry – American inventor

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