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Job Search Trends

GRAPH: “Data entry remote jobs

GRAPH:  “how to become an ultrasound technician

GRAPH: “data scientist jobs

GRAPH: “Warehouse jobs near me

Top “How to Become” searches

2023, US

  1. how to become a real estate agent

  2. how to become a notary

  3. how to become a travel agent

  4. how to become a flight attendant

  5. how to become a pilot

Top “How to Do” searches

2023, US

  1. how to do long division

  2. how to do hanging indent on google docs

  3. how to do in text citations

  4. how to do split screen on mac

Top Resume Searches

2023, US

  1. resume builder

  2. resume templates

  3. resume examples

  4. skills for resume

  5. how to make a resume

Top “What To Do” Job Searches 

2023, US

  1. what to do with a psychology degree

  2. what to do with a biology degree

  3. what to do with a business degree

  4. what to do with a criminal justice degree

  5. what to do with a communications degree

Published December 4, 2023

Job Searches December 2023

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