The body, which has ancient origins, wants to live simply, focusing on bodily comfort – having shelter, food, rest and sex. The body really cannot be ignored without consequences. His demands are constant and clear.

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The mind, which has been genetically engineered onto the human body, has a life of its own where it is driven by curiosity and obsessions. That the mind has a life of its own can be seen when an intelligent and curious person is given a puzzle to solve. He will – to a certain extent – ignore the demands of defecation and urination, hunger, sleep, until he solves the puzzle. The mind and body can and often do work together, but sometimes they can pull in opposite directions.

Now regarding the incarnate soul. This is another center that can sometimes act in concert with the body, as in a situation where a person wants to have contact with another person of the opposite sex when they both feel sexual desire.

Картинки по запросу равновесие в человеческой душе

The soul can also sometimes act in harmony with the mind when the desire to be in the service of others manifests itself along with the opportunity to explore. The soul dominates the body, unless the soul is so immature that it is living its first incarnation.

The body, mind and soul can become unbalanced. It is, in a way, a tug of war between different parts of a person that leads to illness. The healer can regulate the interaction of mind and spirit in the body, mainly by talking with the mind and soul of the patient and helping to restore balance. This is non-verbal consultation on the mental and spiritual levels. The medicine man persuades the parts of the patient to adjust to each other, so that the mind and spirit take into greater consideration the needs of each other and the needs of the body.

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The soul adapts to the density in which it incarnates and can influence the human body. Genetics is just chemistry. The soul influences growth and development through its chemical composition. The soul communicates with the mind by biochemical means, causing a biochemical effect. The soul can talk to the mind only if the mind is ready to receive a message from it. If the biochemical pathways for the concept that the spirit wants to convey are not yet present in the mind, the spirit can only speak to emotions.

Thus, people feel that they have lived before, but have no explanation for this concept. Therefore, if they are not willing to support the concept of past lives, they will not be open to the revelation of this soul memory.

Картинки по запросу равновесие в человеческой душе

Auras exist, and some people are able to see them. Auras are not related to the spirit, but are radiation or a by-product of the human body, like an oven that is maintained at a temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius.

A person and his soul are inherently different objects, since the soul does not die, but the human body dies. During incarnation, the soul fills the body and communicates with this physical body, which owns the mind created by the physical brain.

Картинки по запросу равновесие в человеческой душе

In most cases, even before death, the soul has already left the body, which is why those returning from a state of clinical death remember that they saw their body below them on the operating table or on the highway.

Souls are born, evolve and grow, just as in your physical world plants and animals develop from a seed, from a single cell. The soul communicates with the mind by biochemical means, causing a biochemical effect. Chakras actually exist. Although there are many human names for what is perceived as a biophysical connection to the soul. When the essence is embodied, then what you call the soul merges with the physical body, spreading throughout all its parts.

* Which of these three control centers is more developed is the fourth most important characteristic of a person. * The three most important indicators of a person

Once upon a time, an old Indian revealed one vital truth to his grandson.
“There is a struggle in every person, very similar to the struggle of two wolves. One wolf represents evil – envy, jealousy, regret, selfishness, ambition, lies, doubt. The other wolf represents goodness – peace, love, hope, truth, kindness, loyalty, confidence. The little Indian, touched to the depths of his soul by his grandfather’s words, thought for a few moments, and then asked:
– Which wolf wins in the end?
– The one you feed.


Картинки по запросу равновесие в человеческой душе



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