This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on electricity and cold temperatures.


MAP: Maine and Alaska are the only US states searching “electric bill” over “water bill” in the past month

Most searched “how much electricity does … use”

past week, US

  1. Space heater

  2. TV

  3. Refrigerator

  4. Gas furnace

  5. Electric blanket

Trending “… without electricity” questions

past week, US

  1. How to keep water trough from freezing without electricity

  2. How to keep cats warm without electricity

  3. How to heat a chicken coop without electricity

  4. How to warm your house without electricity

  5. How to keep a dog house warm without electricity

Cold temperatures

GRAPH: “why am I so cold” is currently being searched at a record high this month

Freezing related searches that have reached an all-time high this month

Top trending “can…freeze”

past week, US

  1. Can drain pipes freeze?

  2. Can water freeze in mid air?

  3. Can a toilet freeze in cold weather?

  4. Can propane freeze outside?

  5. Can gas freeze in the winter?

Top trending “is it safe to…in negative temperatures”

past week, US

  1. Is it safe to drive your car in negative temperatures?

  2. Is it safe to travel in negative temperatures?

  3. Is it safe to use the dishwasher in negative temperatures?

  4. Is it safe to fly in negative temperatures?

  5. Is it safe to get gas in negative temperatures?

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: window insulation

Jenny Lee

Lead Google Trends Analyst

With Sabrina Elfarra and Katie Seaton

Electricity • Cold Temperatures • January2024

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