his is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on tipping culture and protein intake.

Tipping Culture

  • Over the past month, the top searched “do you tip if …” is “if there is a service charge” followed by “if they add gratuity”, US

  • “what is the standard tip percentage” has doubled over the past week, US

  • The top trending “how much to tip” over the past week in the US is “a hairstylist” followed by “nail salon” and “movers”

  • “do you tip for an oil change” is up +350% and “do you have to tip for takeout” +150%, past week, US

GRAPH: Search interest in “tipping culture” is currently at an all-time high in the US

Most searched services “asking for tips”

past month, US

  1. Self check out

  2. Drive thru

  3. Counter orders

  4. Gas station pump

  5. Car dealerships

Most searched “why do I have to tip …”

past month, US

  1. For takeout?

  2. A hairdresser?

  3. Everywhere?

  4. Before delivery?

  5. For people just doing their jobs?

Protein Intake

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Trending recipes searched with high protein

past month, US

  1. Hummus

  2. Turkey chili

  3. Meatballs

  4. Chicken noodle soup

  5. Quiche

Most searched “how does eating protein …”

past month, US

  1. Help you lose weight

  2. Burn fat

  3. Build muscle

  4. Help with milk production

  5. Enhance workout

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Jenny Lee

Lead Google Trends Analyst

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