This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on Antarctica and Oscar Nominations.


  • 9 month cruise drama” is a breakout search in the US over the past month

  • “diplo antarctica set” rose +4,400% in the US over the past week after Diplo released a DJ set on Antarctica

  • are there flowers in antarctica” is the top trending “are there…antarctica” over the past year in the US

  • coldest place on earth right now” is currently being searched more than ever in the US; the top trending related location over the past week is East Antarctica

  • Iceberg A23a is the top trending geographical feature searched with Antarctica over the past year in the US

GRAPH: Searches for Antarctica in the US are at an all time high as well as searches for the Drake Passage, the notoriously rocky body of water that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans which ships travel through to get to Antarctica


Top Trending Antarctica Searches

Past 30 days, US

  1. Nick Byrd Antarctica

  2. Current temp in Antarctica

  3. Coldest place on Earth right now

  4. Freestyle adventure Antarctica

  5. Viking cruise to Antarctica

Top Trending Drake Passage Searches

Past 30 days, US

  1. What is Drake’s Passage

  2. Drake Passage weather

  3. What is the most dangerous sea

  4. 9 month cruise Drake Passage

  5. Where did Titanic sink

Top Searched “__ in Antarctica”

Past 7 days, US

  1. Temperature in Antarctica

  2. Do people live in Antarctica

  3. Weather in Antarctica

  4. Flowers in Antarctica

  5. City in Antarctica

MAP: Continent search breakdown – North America vs. Antarctica vs. South America


Oscar Nominations

  •  Washington, D.C. was the top region searching for the Academy Awards in the past week

  • Film director Justine Triet was the top trending nominee in Oscar-related searches in the past week, spiking over 2,000%

  • ryan gosling statement barbie” is the top trending “statement” searched in the US over the past day

  • birdman” and “shakespear in love” are the top trending “oscar winners” in the US over the past week

  • “has a comedy ever won best picture” and “has leonardo dicaprio ever won an oscar” are the top trending “has…ever won” related to the Academy Awards over the past day in the US

Top Oscar Snub Searches

Past 3 days, US

  1. Barbie

  2. Greta Gerwig

  3. Margot Robbie

  4. Saltburn

  5. Iron Claw

Top Oscar Nominee “Film Location” Searches

Past 3 days, US

  1. The Holdovers

  2. Killers of the Flower Moon

  3. The Color Purple

  4. Society of the Snow

  5. Maestro

Most Searched Best Picture Nominees

Past 3 days, US

  1. Poor Things

  2. Oppenheimer

  3. Barbie

  4. American Fiction

  5. Killers of the Flower Moon

MAP: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer searches in the past day


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With Sabrina Elfarra and Katie Seaton

Antarctica •Oscar Nominations •January 2024

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