Valentine’s Day Special 2024

This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day

Searches that spike every February

Top “What is…” in dating

Past week, US

  1. What is ENM in dating?

  2. What is a unicorn in dating?

  3. What is first base in dating?

  4. What is second base in dating?

  5. What is 3rd base in dating?

Top trending Valentine’s gifts for…

Past week, US

  1. Gifts for wife

  2. Gifts for toddler daycare

  3. Gifts for mom

  4. Gifts for girlfriend

  5. Gifts for boyfriend

Top trending Valentine’s gifts for him

January 2024, US

  1. Valentine gift baskets

  2. Bath and Body works

  3. Build-A-Bear

  4. Lego flowers

  5. Edible arrangements

Top trending Valentine’s gifts for her

January 2024, US

  1. Chocolate covered strawberries

  2. Big teddy bear

  3. Purple roses

  4. Purses for women

  5. Build-A-Bear

Top trending Valentine’s shopping searches

January 2024, US

  1. Coach purse valentines

  2. Valentines women’s pajamas

  3. Valentine’s day Dunks

  4. Valentine’s day Converse

  5. Valentine’s day sweaters

Top trending Valentine’s DIY

January 2024, US

  1. DIY Valentine lollipop

  2. Valentine garland DIY

  3. DIY Valentines cards for classroom

  4. Valentine door hanger DIY

  5. Valentine’s Day explosion box DIY

Top searched Valentine chocolates

January 2024, US

  1. Chocolate covered strawberries

  2. Valentine’s chocolate box

  3. Vegan Valentine’s chocolates

  4. Chocolate covered pretzels

  5. Dark chocolate Valentine’s

Top searched Valentine Flowers

January 2024, US

  1. Lego flowers

  2. Tulips

  3. Paper flowers

  4. Carnations

  5. Trader Joe’s flowers

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Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: diamond bracelet

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Data Editor, Google


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