International Women’s Day 2024

This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on International Women’s Day.
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Daily Quiz 

Which is more searched in the US over the past year?

pay gap in soccer or pay gap in basketball?

International Women’s Day

  • Global search interest in International Women’s Day reached an all time high last March; Bolivia and Columbia are the top countries searching it over the past year

  • Education and politics are the top fields searched with gender equality worldwide over the past year

  • women in stem” and “women in leadership” are currently being searched more than ever before in the US

  • mary church terrell” is the top trending person searched with gender equality over the past year in the US

  • caitlin clark” is the top trending athlete searched in the US over the past month, and “caitlin clark scoring record” is the top trending “record” searched in the last year

  • Serena Williams is the most searched tennis player of all time in the US

  • Alex Morgan is the most searched American soccer player of all time in the US, in fact four of the five most searched American soccer players in the US are women

  • Taylor Swift is the most searched musical artist of all time in the US, and the most searched songwriter of all time, worldwide

  • Beyoncé is the most searched performance of all time in the US and worldwide; her most searched performance is “vma performance 2014”

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Top trending works searched with the Bechdel test

past month, US

  1. Oppenheimer

  2. Barbie

  3. Pulp Fiction

  4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

  5. Thelma and Luise

Top trending questions on gender equality

past year, US

  1. Is gender equality still an issue today?

  2. Where is gender equality an issue?

  3. ¿Qué es la igualdad de género? [Google Translate, Spanish: what is gender equality?]

  4. How to achieve gender equality?

  5. What is the most gender equal country?

Top trending questions related to gender pay gap

past year, US

  1. Is the gender pay gap debunked?

  2. Is there a gender pay gap in the US?

  3. What job has the biggest gender pay gap?

  4. When were women allowed to work?

  5. Do women make more than men?

Top “first woman…”

past year, US

  1. First woman in space

  2. First woman on the moon

  3. First woman in Baseball Hall of Fame

  4. First woman to win Nobel Prize

  5. First woman elected to Congress

Top “how many…are women”

past year, US

  1. How many Senators are women?

  2. How many Navy Seals are women?

  3. How many veterans are women?

  4. How many world leaders are women?

  5. How many billionaires are women?

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google


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