Holiday Decor December 2023

This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on holiday decor.

Holiday Decor

GRAPH: “Door decorations” are being searched now more than ever in the US

Top Trending “Door Decoration” Searches

Past week, US

  1. holidays around the world door decorations

  2. how the grinch stole christmas door decorations

  3. snowman door decorations for school

  4. gingerbread man door decorations

  5. Polar express door decorations

Top Trending Wreath Searches

Past week, US

  1. metal dresden wreath

  2. caprese wreath

  3. cornflake wreaths

  4. paper plate wreath

  5. wreath cookies

Top Trending Holiday “How To”

Past week, US

  1. how to hang christmas lights

  2. how to put lights on a christmas tree

  3. how to hang garland on mantle

  4. how to change fuse in christmas lights

  5. how to fluff a christmas tree

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