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Dancehall is a whole culture that includes music, dance style, clothing, behavior and has millions of fans around the world. Today, the dancehall dance school opens its doors to anyone who wants to master the fiery Jamaican rhythms.

Dancehall (dancehall) – the most positive and vibrant dance in the world
Jamaica… The indigenous inhabitants of the island dance wildly to dancehall tunes. Deceptively relaxed movements, sensual but very clear rhythm and happiness without boundaries: these are the elements that characterize dancehall dance. Previously, it was danced only to reggae (represented in the compositions of Bob Marley). But dance floors demanded more dynamic music, and then bright rhythm and recitative were added to the smooth melodies. Today, learning dancehall is the best way to learn to dissolve in the music, let every chord pass through you and just be happy.

Dancehall is a fashionable and energetic dance that originated in the 60s of the last century on the streets of sunny Jamaica, and soon gained popularity throughout the world.

History of dancehall

The name “dance hall” itself translated from English means “dance floor”. It was on the dance floors of Kingston that new musical rhythms were born, which black residents of the Jamaican capital used as the basis for creating a new direction – dancehall.

Initially, dancehall was a reflection of the cultural characteristics of the country in the social, political and religious spheres. But over time, dancehall lost its former connotation and turned into a popular club style.

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Dancehall today

Today, many advanced dance schools offer training in the basics of dancehall or ragga jam, because they develop endurance, plasticity and give the opportunity to captivate the audience with provocative hip movements.

The classic version of the Jamaican dance hall and its fitness interpretation, ragga jam, is a mix of energetic movements of the chest and hips, which is performed to the catchy rhythms of exotic music from Jamaica and the Antilles.

Dancehall vs Ragga jam – what’s the difference?
The definitions of dance hall and ragga jam have practically no differences, and therefore many people confuse them. The difference is that the dancehall dance style was formed naturally and gradually on the streets of the Kingston ghettos, where Jamaican teenagers danced to catchy reggae tunes.

The ragga style was formed only at the end of the 20th century on the basis of dancehall. Frenchwoman Lere Courtelmont developed and patented a unique fitness program based on dancehall movements, calling her brainchild “ragga jam”. Subsequently, she began teaching the ragga style, which is more aimed at improving the figure and general condition of the body, and not at dancing skills.


Dancehall – dance style

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