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When it comes to your content ranking high in search results, what matters most? Quantity or quality?

Thankfully, it’s the latter.

A handful of comprehensive articles can turn the SEO tide in your favor.

This type of content is called cornerstone content. It’s what causes search engines and people to start viewing your site as an authoritative source of information.

When that happens, traffic to your site picks up. And so do conversions.

Cornerstone content even makes it easier for articles you create in the future to rank.

In our new guide, you’ll learn the intuitive steps to creating cornerstone articles. And you’ll learn why internal linking is key.

With 1 click in AIOSEO, you can mark a page as “cornerstone content.”  And that makes succeeding easier.

Learn more in What is Cornerstone Content? Plus: Tips and Examples.

If you want to level up your SEO game in 2024, consider putting cornerstone content on your to-do list.

As always, reach out to us if you have any questions. Either leave a comment below the article or reply to this email.

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5 Steps to Rank With Cornerstone Content

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