Appearance and properties

This rare stone is often called jadeite’s cousin. They really look alike. In addition, the only place in the world where mosite is mined is one of the famous jadeite deposits in the north-west of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Other names for mosite: jade albite, chloromelanin, chromium albite.

This opaque stone is notable for its color, unique to the world of gems: bright green with black inclusions and light veins. Sometimes it resembles malachite, but the colors of mosite are much richer and brighter. It was originally mistaken for a variety of jadeite. However, in 1963, research showed that it is a completely different stone, although it contains jadeite.

Mau-sit-sit is not a mineral like jadeite, but a rock formed as a result of physical processes in the bowels of the earth. The exact composition of mosite has not yet been studied. Today it is known that in addition to jadeite, it contains:

cosmochlor is the cause of the bright green color;
chromite, which gives the color small black grains;
chromium amphibole;
A separate variety of moshit is the apple-green kai-taye.


Due to its rarity, Mau Sit Sit is not widely distributed, especially in the Western world. However, jewelers and stone-cutters are happy to use mosites polished in the form of cabochons or beads to make both expensive jewelry framed in gold or silver, and inexpensive costume jewelry, cufflinks, and rosaries.

Mau sit sit is much more popular in Asian countries. There, figurines of deities, animals, and plant ornaments are traditionally made from stones of the jade family (nephrite, jadeite). The expressive green mosite makes figurines of dragons, snakes and frogs especially natural.


Healing properties

The healing powers of mositis can stabilize the mental state, relieve depression, insomnia, and increase the vitality of the body.
It is also useful for those whose work involves excessive eye strain. It will help your eyes relax and maintain visual acuity.

Magic properties

In Mosit’s homeland, Myanmar, it is considered a stone of joy. A talisman from it makes a person sociable, positive, energetic, successful, ready for change for the better and ready to make efforts for this. However, these abilities of the mosite only manifest themselves in the open air. It is useless in enclosed spaces, so it is better to remove decorations from it at home.

This stone is suitable for Libra and Pisces; it can add optimism and self-confidence to them. It is also useful for Leos, but contraindicated for Virgos and Taurus.

The healing properties of mositis

They say that if you wear this stone constantly, it will help get rid of depression and help you forget bad things faster. It lifts your mood and helps fight melancholy.
With his miraculous abilities, he relieves a person from various types of inflammation and infections.
The stone also helps in stressful situations; improves sleep and treats insomnia; stabilizes blood pressure and metabolism.
Since mosit is green, it helps a person to calm down faster and relieve nervous tension.
It also lowers blood pressure and helps to relax the eyes.

Mosith and astrology

Since the stone only has a positive effect on a person’s well-being and health, it is suitable for all constellation signs without exception.
It helps Libra make the right decision, Virgos – to get rid of shyness, Aries – to learn to make concessions, Pisces – to achieve their goals, Scorpios – to relieve nervous tension and calm down.


Mosite is the most complex rock in its composition. It contains the highest amount of chromium than any other rock on the entire planet.
Symbolic animals are made from it: frogs, snakes, fish, dragons.
With his miraculous abilities, he relieves a person from various types of inflammation and infections.
Suitable for all constellation signs without exception.

Not all stones are suitable for a person. For some, amulets made from these stones bring happiness, good luck, and love. For others – pain, fear, torment.
Therefore, it is recommended to wear only those minerals that are most suitable for your zodiac sign. And also those that, according to experts, help improve your health.


There is no serious point in drawing a crystal
If you don’t love him, don’t animate him with thoughts
If you don’t invest in it – understanding of nature
If it exists, of course. If not, draw sunrises

Or maybe sunsets. Or black squares.


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