Main characteristics

The German chemist Martin Klaproth, while studying a group of micas in 1792, noticed some differences in one of the samples. It was he who first described it and came up with the name lepidolite (from the Greek lepis litos – “scaly stone”). The name fully describes the structure of the mineral: it consists of small layered formations, similar to scales.
lilialite – due to its lilac color;
barbot’s eyes – named after the geologist Nicholas Barbot de Marny;
lithionite – due to the high lithium content;
lithione silicate – is actually a description of the composition;
zinnwaldite – from a deposit in the Czech Republic.

Lepidolite or lithium mica is of magmatic, less often hydrothermal origin. The chemical formula is Kli2Al(Al,Si)3O10(F,OH)2. The composition almost always includes impurities of diatomic iron, rubidium, manganese, cesium, and sodium. It was from lepidolite that Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff first isolated the chemical element rubidium in 1861.

The crystals are monoclinic. Various lepidolite aggregates are found in nature. Solid dense masses have a hexagonal shape, characteristic of mica, and in cross section resemble sheets of books. Shell aggregates have a curved spherical shape. Fine-scaled and leafy aggregates are characterized by fine grain. Tabular crystals reach a length of 30 cm.

The most characteristic color of lepidolite is lilac. Minerals of white, gray, yellow, pale pink, pinkish-gray, and red-pink colors are also found. The color intensity in the mineral mass is heterogeneous. Often there are stones with a bright lilac center and pale pink edges.
The color of the mineral is largely influenced by the amount of magnesium and iron in the composition. To a lesser extent is the amount of lithium.

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Painted specimens of lepidolite have the property of pleochroism. This means that the color of the stone may vary slightly depending on the viewing angle. In ultraviolet rays it produces a pale yellow glow. Weakly susceptible to acids. Under mechanical stress, it breaks down into separate plates that have elasticity and resilience. Lepidolite also has an interesting feature: when heated, it melts and forms white enamel, and the flame turns carmine-red.

Basic physical indicators:

The luster ranges from glassy to pearlescent.
Hardness is low, 2.5 Mohs.
Transparency: transparent to translucent.
Density 2.8-2.9 g/cm³.
Cleavage is perfect in one direction.
The fracture is uneven.
The line is white.

Place of Birth

Lepidolite is a fairly common mineral. It is found in small quantities in many parts of the world. And large deposits can be found in pegmatite veins and greisen together with other minerals containing lithium: spodumene, feldspar, tourmaline, amblygonite and others.
The most famous lepidolite deposits are located in Brazil (Minas Gerais, Madeira deposits), in the Czech Republic (Ore Mountains), in Kazakhstan (Upper Espe Tarbagatay), on the island of Madagascar (Antsirabe), in Sweden (Ute Island), in the USA (Maine ), in Australia (Coolgardie) and in African Mozambique.

The only mine that produces the highest quality specimens for collectors and luxury jewelry is the Minas Gerais deposit in Brazil.


The high lithium content in this variety of mica allows the use of lepidolite as a source of lithium salts. And lithium, the lightest metal on our planet, is isolated from them in laboratory conditions. It is used in the metallurgical and pharmaceutical industries in the production of glass, lubricants, lithium batteries and many other manufacturing applications.
The metals rubidium and cesium are also mined from lepidolite.

Due to its visual attractiveness, lepidolite is also interesting for jewelers. Due to its layered structure, this stone is difficult to process into jewelry. However, craftsmen still make cabochons from this mineral. They are set in precious metals together with charoite, rubellite, kunzite, rose quartz, pink beryl and get beautiful jewelry. Lepidolite also acts as an ornamental stone: beautiful sculptures and figurines are carved from it.

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Collectors highly value this mineral for its interesting texture and original color. The best examples of this stone can be seen in photos of private collections. For this purpose, the highest quality lepidolite is subjected to a special collection cut, after which they end up in private collections.

Magic properties

Lepidolite produces receptive yin energy. That is why this mineral is useful for the fair sex to wear. It will stimulate and nourish the soft feminine energy in the girl. As a result, tenderness and complaisance will appear in her character, and she will become more attractive to men. He also helps a woman become a homemaker, an excellent housewife and reveal her culinary abilities. A wife who wears jewelry with lepidolite is not only able to make a man happy, but will also enjoy it herself.

The mineral’s ability to help a person’s creative endeavors is also known. A talisman made from this stone attracts success and fame. However, you should not hope that by wearing jewelry with lepidolite, you will increase your well-being; this mineral helps in creative activity, and not in the accumulation of wealth.

Lepidolite is responsible for the Sahasrara head chakra. That is why the owner of a product with lepidolite begins to develop philosophical thinking. He views life’s difficulties more simply, and therefore easily overcomes them. Such a person is not subject to mental trauma and unnecessary worries. Anger, irritation and other negative emotions are unusual for him.

Application in astrology

Astrologers classify lepidolite as a Libra stone. It is especially useful for them to have a product made of lepidolite. It will help Libra overcome indecision, a natural tendency to critical judgments and variability.

Lepidolite does not have any particular effect on other zodiac signs.

Medicinal properties

Lepidolite has its own energy, which has a positive effect on the human biofield. As a result, diseases caused by gaps in the human aura are gradually cured.

It is especially effective to wear jewelry with lepidolite for nightmares and insomnia, and for those prone to depression and schizophrenia.

Earrings with lepidolite should be worn for diseases of the head and brain, and for difficulties with sleep.

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Pendants and necklaces are worn in severe mental states, manic depression.

Rings help treat diseases of the cardiovascular system and strengthen all types of muscles.

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Bracelets have a calming effect on the nervous system and relieve fears.

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Lepidolite is a beautiful mineral that has found application in many areas of life. Externally, this stone is very similar to another mica mineral – pink muscovite. Visually distinguishing these minerals is almost impossible. Mineralogists distinguish them according to spectral analysis, which shows the amount of lithium in the composition, or using powder X-ray diffraction.
By purchasing a product with lepidolite, you will not only feel its positive effects, but also receive a beautiful piece of jewelry that will delight you with its beauty for many years.

I’m standing on the threshold of the universe,
The whirlwinds of space blow into your face,
Everything that is eternal and everything that is instantaneous
Sprinkled with star dust.
I touch the stars and
Captivated by the mirroriness of the world,
I can relentlessly for years
Waiting for greetings from the abyss of time.
And my heart is filled with warmth:
Among the snowdrifts of the mighty taiga
I see a green alien train,
I hear strangers’ steps.
I believe: in the future, merged with space,
We can go through the entire Galaxy
Someone will meet their Aelita,
Someone – rains of star substances.
In the meantime, the ships are in orbit
Turn after turn they make a turn,
I weave fantasy threads
A multi-color story wreath



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