This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on birth rates and daycare.

Birth Rate

  • The top three countries searching birth rate over the past year are in Africa

  • People searching birth rate in the US over the past week are also searching overpopulation and “population density

  • Life expectancy is over 4x more searched than birth rate over the past year worldwide, but there are 10 countries searching for birth rate more

  • Search interest in “having one child” has increased year over year for the past five years in the US, and all of the top five states searching it are in the south

  • should i have kids” is currently being searched at nearly a 10 year high in the US

GRAPH: Over the past five years in the US, “not having children” and “how to save more money” have shared similar spikes and growth

Top trending regional birth rate searches

past year, US

  1. North Korean birth rate

  2. Gaza birth rate

  3. Greece birth rate

  4. Italy birth rate

  5. Niger birth rate

Top trending questions on birth rate

past year, US

  1. What is birth rate?

  2. Why is the declining birth rate a problem?

  3. Why does Japan have a low birth rate?

  4. Is the US birth rate declining?

  5. Which country has the lowest birth rate?

Top trending definitions searched with birth rate

past year, US

  1. Developed country definition

  2. Replacement level fertility definition

  3. Age structure definition

  4. Fertility rate definition

  5. Zero population growth definition


  • daycare cost” and “how much is daycare” both spike in January in the US and are currently being searched more than ever before

  • Miami, FL and Houston, TX are the top metro areas searching “free daycare” over the past year in the US

  • “is daycare tax deductible” is the top trending question on tax deductions in the US over the past month

  • “daycares that accept vouchers near me” is the top trending “daycares near me” search in the US over the past month

  • daycare openings” spiked +4,800% in November 2023 to reach an all time high

MAP: A group of western US states, as well as two east coast states are searching “preschool” more than “daycare” over the past five years

Top searched types of daycares

past year, US

  1. Christian

  2. In-home

  3. Private

  4. Part-time

  5. Drop-in

Top trending “daycares with…”

past year, US

  1. Daycares with before and after school programs

  2. Daycares with camera access near me

  3. Daycares with live camera feed

  4. Daycares with daily rates

  5. Daycares with availability

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with Katie Seaton and Sabrina Elfarra

Birth Rate • Daycare • January 2024

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