March Beauty Report. Published April 2024

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Daily Quiz

Which is more searched in the US over the last month?

modern french manicure or micro french manicure?

Beauty Report

All data is based on March 2024 in the US, unless otherwise stated

  • Search interest in “nail charms” reached a record high in March 2024 with “hello kitty nail charms” being a breakout search

  • “bubble bath square round nails” more than tripled, reaching an all time high in March

  • curly hair routine” hit an all-time high March 2024

  • asian mullet” hit an all-time high in the US in March 2024

  • bardot bangs” and “wispy curtain bangs” were the top trending types of bangs

  • REFY Lash Sculpt was the top trending mascara

  • Search interest in “boyfriend blush” more than tripled

  • Search interest in “perfume to bed” rose +275%

  • “broccoli freckles” was a breakout search, and the top trending freckles search

GRAPH: Historically, “long nails” has been searched more but in 2023, “short nails” have begun to surpass “long nails”


Top trending nail design

March 2024, US

  1. Butterfly nails

  2. French tips with design

  3. Tulip nail design

  4. Cloud nail design

  5. Palm tree nail design

Top trending hair cuts / hair styles

March 2024, US

  1. Friar tuck

  2. French crop

  3. Takuache

  4. Wolf cut

  5. Cornrows

Trending hair clips

March 2024, US

  1. Flower claw clips

  2. Coraline hair clips

  3. Miffy hair clips

  4. Butterfly hair clip

  5. Bride hair clip

Trending makeup styles

March 2024, US

  1. Strawberry makeup

  2. Prom makeup

  3. Trad goth makeup

  4. Mob wife makeup

  5. Clean girl makeup

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google


with Sabrina Elfarra and Katie Seaton

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