General characteristics

A rare precious mineral of extraordinary purple color, sagilite stone is of particular value to mineral connoisseurs. The stone received its name in honor of the Japanese mineralogist Kenichi Suga. It was he who first discovered and described a new mineral in 1944.

Sugi initially assumed that the specimens he found were purple turquoise. Chemical analysis dispelled this misconception and pointed to the discovery of a new mineral, later known as sagilite.

The main feature of this stone is its color. Minerals of soft violet, bright violet or purple colors characteristic of sagilite are practically not found in nature. There are also individual specimens of pink, lilac, lilac, and yellowish-brown colors. The chemical formula of the gem is KNa2(Fe,Mn,Al)2Li3Si12O30. The complex chemical composition explains the rare physical properties of the mineral.

Sagilite is a hard stone. Its translucent crystals shine through in the sun and have an attractive glassy sheen. Each mineral sample has a unique pattern with inclusions and ornate patterns. Such inclusions can set off the main color of the stone and give it royal sophistication.

Basic physical properties:

  • hardness – 6-6.5
  • shine – glass
  • strength – high
  • transparency – shines through
  • density – 2.7-2.8 g/cm3

Place of Birth

Today, only three deposits of sagilite are known in the world: the Japanese archipelago – the place of the first discovery, the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and central India. Over all this time, only 5 thousand kilograms of this raw material have been extracted, and the current deposits have already exhausted their reserves.


Sagilite is used as a valuable jewelry material. The high price makes it an elite class stone. The gem is cut into a cabochon and inserted into designer jewelry. Lenticular specimens are used to make bracelets, beads and pendants, and transparent specimens are used to make inserts into rings and earrings.

Magic properties

Sagilite has the ability to awaken love. The owner of this gem will never experience disappointment in love. He will love and remain loved until the end of his days. His heart will open and find his true soulmate.

Meaning in astrology

Sagilite is the talisman of Virgo. It enhances the positive aspects of their life and protects them from possible troubles. For other zodiac signs, sagilite exhibits its usual magical properties.

Medicinal properties

Sagilite normalizes hormonal levels and has a positive effect on the human psyche. It is recommended to wear it for depression, stress, schizophrenia, and autism. It also protects against cancer and blocks the development of tumors in the human body.

Sagilite is my favorite stone.
Changeable and unusually beautiful.
Sometimes he casts indigo, sometimes
Turns purple-blue, full of mystery.
He feels the mood of his owner,
Promises success and self-confidence.
Perhaps he is the messenger of the gods above,
And it will be a talisman in my life



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