This is the latest edition of the Google Trends newsletter, with a focus today on Super Bowl LVIII.

Super Bowl LVIII

all data is past week in the US unless otherwise noted

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MAP: Uniquely searched game day dips by state

MAP: Uniquely searched wings by state

Top searched Super Bowl “recipe”

past week, US

  1. buffalo chicken dip recipe

  2. pigs in a blanket recipe

  3. sliders recipe

  4. chili recipe

  5. potato skins recipe

DATA GIF: How searched interest in the teams changed as the playoff field narrowed

Top searched Super Bowl LVIII players

past week, US

  1. Travis Kelce

  2. Patrick Mahomes

  3. Brock Purdy

  4. Christian McCaffrey

  5. George Kittle

Top searched “will … be at the super bowl”

past week, US

  1. will taylor swift be at the super bowl

  2. will jungkook be at the super bowl

  3. will jason kelce be at the super bowl

  4. will eminem be at the super bowl

  5. will justin bieber be at the super bowl

Trending Super Bowl LVIII questions

past week, US

  1. How many chicken wings will be consumed on Super Sunday?

  2. What is the average price of a Super Bowl LVIII ticket?

  3. How many bags of chips will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday?

  4. How much does the Lombardi trophy weigh?

  5. Has a player on the losing team ever won the Super Bowl mvp?

Trending Super Bowl “ad” searches

past week, US

  1. friends super bowl ad

  2. carl weathers super bowl ad

  3. first super bowl ad

  4. kia super bowl ad 2024

  5. bud light superbowl ad 2024

MAP: Top searched Usher songs since he was announced as the Halftime artist

Trending questions on Usher

past week, US

  1. Who is Usher bringing to the Super Bowl?

  2. How many Grammys does Usher have?

  3. Is Usher single?

  4. Who is Usher married to?

  5. Is Usher getting paid for the Super Bowl?

Top searched Usher “lyrics”

past week, US

  1. usher yeah lyrics

  2. ruin usher lyrics

  3. usher good good lyrics

  4. my boo usher lyrics

  5. burn usher lyrics

Daily Quiz Answer

% of both topics search interest combined

Answer: “green eyes”

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Super Bowl LVIII February 2024

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