About the mineral

Phlogopite is a fairly common and popular mineral in our time, which belongs to the mica group. From Greek “phlogeros” means fiery. Indeed, phlogopite is distinguished by reddish hues that resemble flashes of flame. At the end of the 19th century, Breithaupt introduced this name; now it is found everywhere in scientific literature and is the main one.
The mineral is quite common, but almost never occurs on its own. Found and developed together with other minerals. Most often together with:

  • ultrabasite;
  • kimberlite;
  • carbonatite;
  • calcifire.

When they talk about the origin of phlogopite, disputes begin between geologists and mineralogists. This is because the mineral has not a dual, but a triple origin:

  • metasomatic;
  • igneous;
  • metamorphic.


Phlogopite is a magnesium aluminosilicate. Formula – KMg3[AlSi3O10](OH,F)2. Almost always has impurities. They are found in different proportions and greatly influence the appearance, structure and color of phlogopite:

  • sodium;
  • titanium;
  • iron;
  • manganese;
  • calcium.

The mineral phlogopite has a glassy good luster. In some cases, you can notice a pearlescent sheen. Phlogopite is often translucent, less often transparent. Its fracture is mica-like. Settings are low. Hardness – 2.5 according to the Mohs table. Density – 2.8 g/cm3.

May be in different colors. Phlogopite happens:


grayish white






An interesting fact is that phlogopite crystals grow up to two meters long. The longer they are, the more valuable they are. Phlogopite is rarely used in jewelry, but there are still cases. The stone is often used as a talisman or amulet.

Magic properties

The magical properties of the mineral have been poorly studied. Lithotherapists shrug their shoulders, and in some cases confuse this mineral with others. The magical effect can be different, they usually say that it all depends on the coloring. For example, if we are dealing with a reddish pebble, then it will help in love, with its help you will find your soulmate.

Colorless will give success in work and affairs. Silver brings happiness to the family. Dark, brown specimens will give passive people energy and enthusiasm. Most often the stone is worn around the neck. As a talisman it will protect against negative influences. But this cannot be said to be a strong blocking stone. A strong evil eye or damage breaks through it. But it will help you avoid meeting bad people and warn you of danger.

Taking a piece of mineral in your palm,

I feel the mystery of the Universe.

I feel like this is exactly what I was looking for –

A small piece of mortal life

He was born in a fairy cave,

There are countless of his friends there.

The soul lives in it, I believe in it

And I want to read his story

I look into his eyes openly,

I hear the music of his vibrations.

Something in him is hidden from us –

Secret echo of coronations

I reached out with my thoughts and my heart,

He responded with warmth in his palm.

And it seems to me that the door has opened –

Entering there will fulfill my dreams



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